ESCO/Manufacturer Partnership Plans

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If your office has patients who filled a loss and damage claim, but are still covered by the original manufacturer service (repair) warranty, ESCO has special coverage options available. ESCO works in partnership with Oticon, Resound, and Signia to provide these exclusive programs.

KEY POINTS about the ESCO/Manufacturer partnership programs:

  • These partnerships allow ESCO to provide special discounted pricing.
  • ESCO suggests the hearing care provider offers the program to a patient at the time of the fitting of replacement aid.
  • When a patient files a claim with the manufacturer for their single replacement loss/damage, the manufacturer will include a co-branded brochure within the replacement aid packaging. The brochure contains coverage information, special pricing rates, and an enrollment application.

ESCO Protection Plus plans

Accidental Loss and Damage Only Coverage

Plan Highlights:
  • One (1) Loss & Accidental Damage beyond repair*
  • Term — This is an Annual Warranty Plan (12 months of coverage)
  • Benefits may be renewed annually

As a reminder, this special coverage is available ONLY while the replacement device still has repair warranty with the manufacturer.

Reduced Pricing
With ESCO and the manufacturers combined efforts, we are able to offer special negotiated rates for this program.

Offered During Manufacturers Repair Warranty
Protects the patient in case of loss or accidental damage.

Promote Loyalty
By using this program, you are keeping the patients insured and promoting patient loyalty to your practice and the manufacturer of their hearing aids.

For more information complete the information below, or call 1-800-992-3726 and speak with our Sales Team.

* Should the one loss claim be used, the policy is considered earned. No coverage on replacement aid — new coverage will be required.